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New club fees announcement


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Dear Parents, Swimmers and Carers,

Following on from my recent email regarding fee changes, the Board has reviewed the Club’s income and expenditure since September 2018 and has had to make the unfortunate decision that a subscription increase is necessary to ensure the Club finances remain viable. 

From September, the revised fee structure will be as follows:

Elite – the subscription cost will rise from £80 per month to £85 per month

Age Group Performance will rise from £65 per month to £70 per month

Junior Potential will rise from £50 per month to £57.50 per month.

Junior Development and Skills Development subscriptions will remain unchanged as will those related to the Swim Fitness groups the Club runs. 

The annual membership fee will remain unchanged.

In reviewing the subscriptions, the board have considered the amount of coaching hours available to each swimmer and feel that even with the increase the Club is offering value to our members. 

This decision wasn’t taken lightly and has been delayed as long as possible. Club fees have been held at their existing level for more than 4 years. As mentioned in my previous mail, we have seen cost increases from both Catterick Leisure Centre and Richmond Leisure Trust this year, with Catterick’s pool hire being particularly impactful with a rise of 22%. This has been balanced by the Club having had a successful fundraising year, lead by Amy Simeon and supported by many volunteers. Gala income is variable and cannot be guaranteed, indeed we recognise as a Board our Gala program is subject to competition with other Clubs. 

With the increase in pool costs and the variability of gala income we cannot assume future years’ fundraising and gala efforts will have the same financial benefit to the Club. Given the gap between subscription income and Club expenditure, it is appropriate to act prudently now to ensure the Club remains financially viable into the future.

Thank you all very much for your support over the last year. Finally could I please ask that you update any standing orders in place to reflect the new few structure for the 1st September 2019 onwards.

Many thanks.

Kindest regards

Richmond Dales Committee