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Durham and District Junior League

Durham and  District Junior League 

The Junior League is an annual team competition in which the club participates. The gala is for children aged 9-12 and is designed to give swimmers an introduction into competitive swimming. The gala itself will involve a number of Individuals and Relay races where swimmers will score points for the club. The points accumulated by the swimmers will determine the clubs overall finishing position.

There are 6 other teams in our division. We will participate against all of these teams over 3 different galas. When these 3 galas have been completed, the top 6 Teams will qualify for the Division 2 Final where they will compete for the promotion into Division 1, with the remaining 1 Teams being relegated to Division 3. 

Swimmers will be selected to swim for the club based on their attendance and performance in training and their recent gala performances. The team sheet for each gala will be posted on the notice board 2 weeks before the gala is due to take place. Swimmers must indicate their availability to swim by placing a tick next to their name. If your name does not appear on the list for the 1st gala, you may still be selected to swim at the following galas.

The club will provide a coach to transport swimmers and parents to and from the galas at small cost. Parents and swimmers are encouraged to travel on the coach, although you may wish to make your own way to the gala.

Each gala usually lasts around 2 hours. If your child is selected they will need shorts, T-shirts and flip flops/crocs to wear on poolside between races. They will also need a spare towel to dry off after each race and plenty to drink whilst at the gala. You may wish to consider taking a packed lunch to eat on the way back!

If you require any more information please speak to you squad coach.