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Gala entry form


Gala Entry Form


You should have an ASA number assigned to your child.  If you do not know this number you can go to the  ASA website and search by surname.  This will then give you most of the information that you need:


From the website fill in the times for all the events that your child wishes to enter for the gala.  If your child does not have a recorded time for an event, then leave the time blank and tell your child to hand the form to their coach at the next training session. They will fill in an estimated time and return the form so that you can submit it.

The gala information sheet should have a date which determines your child’s “age on the day”. This is usually, but nor always, the date of the gala and should be checked carefully.

Fill in all the other information such as the gala name you are entering.  Put the form, and an accompanying cheque made out to RDASC, in an envelope, and post in the post box at Richmond pool before 6pm on the due by date.  The post box is to the right of the top of the stairs.  If in doubt please ask other parents or the desk on club night.

A note about conversions from Caroline:

If I send out a competition that is a long course meet you don’t have to have long course times, you can use converted short course times and visa versa.
The best website to use to help with the conversions is When you go on the website you need to use the factors button to do the conversion.
When I enter you ASA number into the competition entry file all of your accepted times will be entered automatically, I am unable to change these time for a Level 1 and Level 2 but can for a level 3 and 4.
I hope this helps and answers any questions you may have a about entry times.