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10K for 10K Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Help Save Club

Richmond Dales Amateur Swimming Club has launched a crowdfunding campaign aiming to raise £10,000, which if achieved will be matched by Sport England, resulting in a much-needed £20,000 financial boost to the club.

The campaign, which runs until the end of March and requires a minimum of 100 supporters to qualify, will help secure the future of the club and ensure it continues to support all members with their physical, mental and social wellbeing. Throughout the pandemic, the club and coaches have gone to ‘great lengths’ to engage with all members holding events like healthy cookery and land swimming classes.

Unfortunately, COVID 19 has greatly impacted the club’s finances and its ability to operate. The cost of hiring the pool has risen by 27%. Additionally, implementing the required COVID-secure protocols, such as socially-distanced swimming, have also increased costs due to additional pool hire and coaching time. Meanwhile, traditional fundraising events have been cancelled and the club has been unable to organise and deliver swimming competitions, which would typically raise funds.

Richmond Dales has recognised that the traditional financial model will have to change to ensure the club’s future as a result of these extraordinary circumstances, but in the meantime the campaign is a major lifeline. With the money raised, the club aims to continue its role in the community and fulfil what many have identified as severely lacking since lockdown and COVID restrictions came into being – exercise and community engagement.

Richard Palmer Jones, a parent volunteer, neatly assessed the benefit of the club saying, “The positive impact that Richmond Dales Swimming Club makes on the local community is indelible. It offers the opportunity for swimmers of all ages and abilities to enjoy their love of the sport and is driven by a large number of volunteers who give up their time freely to ensure that it is a club welcome to all.”

Businesses across the Yorkshire Dales and the North East have generously donated numerous rewards in support of the campaign. 1-hour dog walking, a Gold service boiler package and a Chris Cook mindset course are just some of the rewards offered to supporters. And the club is offering a range of corporate sponsorship packages in exchange for donations also.

In return, the club’s swimmers have pledged to run, swim or walk 10K in order to show their appreciation to their sponsors once the campaign is complete.

To support the campaign please see below. Or visit our website, facebook or twitter pages to share our story or your own.