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Squad Timetable

Monday 12th April to Sunday 8th August 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will showers and changing be available for the midweek morning sessions?

Yes, Richmond Pool have said that swimmers can use the shower and changing facilities after training on a midweek morning. This will be limited to those swimming members travelling directly to school, 6th form, college or work and do not have time to return home. Swimmers that can return home, will still be required to leave the pool ‘beach-ready’

I have work commitments / my child has an early school start time and cannot make midweek morning training sessions?

There is likely to be another swimmer from the group travelling from or in your direction, please try and organise lifts to ensure your swimmer does not miss out.

If swimmers need to leave a midweek morning session early, they are permitted to leave at 7:30am.

Are Junior Potential expected to do both sessions on a Wednesday?

This will be dependant on the age of the swimmer. Within the Squad Development Model, the number of sessions increase with the age of the swimmer; therefore, within squad, different aged swimmers will be recommended a different number of sessions.

If swimmers are allocated to all 5 sessions within the Junior Potential squad, they are expected to do both sessions on a Wednesday.

What will happen with Land Training?

As of April 12th 2021, there are still restrictions on group sizes for land-based exercise. Elite & Age Group will either be prescribed a self-directed program, a group session or a combined approach.

Junior Potential have submitted their own land training program for Keith to review and monitor.

Junior Development will focus on mastering the RDASC Pre/Post-Pool protocols.

Over 18s

Those aged 18 (on 31st August 2020) are unfortunately, still unable to attend club training sessions until mid-May. However, public swimming access at facilities is still available and coaches will provide guidance and support until a time where a return to club sessions, is permitted.

Why are we going back into full training sessions?

Unlike the summer, the facilities do not have the flexibility to hire us what we would ideally want. The facilities are wanting to minimise any changes to their pool programme, by returning programmes to normal as soon as possible; therefore, our usage needs to be as we need it to be under a ‘normal’ training programme.

Won’t two hour sessions be too much for swimmers initially?

No, the training load within these sessions will reflect where the swimmers are at after this most recent lockdown, and will gradually increase over the course of around 4-6 weeks, depending on the need of the groups.

Academic Assessments/Tests?

Those swimmers that are still required to undertake exams for justification of grades are able to undertake a temporary reduced training programme, providing it is communicated and agreed with their coach. Swimmers will be required to commit to at least 50% of their normal training prescription; for example, if a swimmer in Elite is prescribed 6x sessions per week, during exams, they are expected to attend at least 3x sessions per week, of their choosing for the duration of their exam block.